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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hiking at Sam's Point

We took the opportunity on a visit to my family to go to a great hiking spot that, even though I had lived in the area for 25 years, I had never been to.  The area is widely know as Ice Caves Mountain but the real name is Sam's Point.  It is in the little hamlet of Cragsmoor, NY (between Ellenville and Pine Bush).

It is called Sam's Point because legend has it that a man named Sam jumped and survived when trying to escape capture by Native Americans.
 The view from Sam's Point
 Where David is standing (in red) is were Sam jumped off the mountain.
The road below was originally made to be a fire road in the 1930's.

Also located near Sam's Point is Ice Caves.  They are more like tunnels than actual caves. The first tunnel we entered didn't have any ice.
 We entered through a steep staircase.
This looks flat but it is steep. You could hear the water running through the rocks.

After that we found a stream coming out from the rocks and we took one of many "Rocky breaks". When he wanted to take a break he would just stop, lay down, and wait to be served his water. Haha! The dog has it made.
Here he is laying in an inch of icy cold water...his new favorite thing to do.

We finally found a tunnel that had ice in it.  It was so cool.  We could even see our breath.

We finished up with the caves and wanted to see VerKerKeerderkill Falls. From the trail head to the falls it is 3 miles.
 Sometimes my Son is very over protective of his dog and thought he needed to be carried. We joked that this was all part of Rocky's plan for world domination. Sadly, it was a foreshadowing of how our day would end.
 Headed out of Ice Caves.  What a gorgeous view!
 This is the trail to the falls.
 These are Dwarf Pines.
 Rocky mandated water break. I would be ahead and hear my Son call out "Ok!" I knew I had to back track to serve the Lord and Master water out of his Mickey Mouse bowl.
 After 3 miles we arrived at the top of the falls. We soaked our feet.
Rocky lounged in icy water....then I had to carry his 30lb butt back 4 miles to the Jeep because this happened.
 Some #$*(*^$@@ must have broken a bottle and Rocky sliced his pad straight through.  He had to have surgery to repair it.  I feel so bad.  He was so brave and did not whimper once! Do you know that we passed several people and not one of them asked if we needed any help.  It was obvious we were in trouble because he not only had blood on his paw but blood was all over me.  It makes me question where peoples empathy has gone. 
 We made sure he go lots of lov'n.  Well maybe this pic doesn't show Roc getting the love but his Uncle is.  Hahaha!
We ended the weekend on a sweet note.  Mom and Josephine, my niece, baked me this awesome Bday cake.  I had TWO pieces of that bad cream too!!

Even though we had a bad ending to the day, up until then it was amazing.  We definitely will be going back but next time Rocky will be wearing booties. It costs $10 to park but when you see how well maintained everything is you will feel that it was money well spent.

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