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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Crunchmaster - Gluten-free crackers

A few years back I had no idea what gluten was when I started to hear about people allergic to it.  Now the isles are filled with gluten-free options.

A  product I recently came across was Crunchmaster crackers. They are whole grain, multi-grain, certified gluten free, baked crackers. The great people at Crunchmaster sent me three of their products to try, Multi-Seed, Sea Salt and Roasted Vegetable Flavor. All three are crunchy and very flavorful.  You can taste the yummy seeds in the Multi-Seed and Sea Salt crackers. When you pop the Roasted Vegetable cracker in your mouth you get an instant burst of flavor and hint of spicy heat.  While all three are great with toppings I prefer to eat them alone and enjoy their natural flavor.  They would be fabulous as a potato chip replacement.

Since nobody in my household has a gluten allergy what attracted me to this brand is that they are baked, made with whole grains and I know what every single item is on the ingredient list. 

If you would like to try these tasty crackers for yourself follow this link for a coupon toward your purchase.

Happy Snacking!

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