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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Motorola MotoACTV

A few months back I received an email to join the MotoACTV movement.  I signed up and Motorola sent me a free MotoACTV to try. All they asked was that I share my honest review with all of you.

While waiting for it to come I wanted to see what it was all about.  The MotoACTV is a sports GPS, mp3 player, & personal trainer all wrapped up into one neat little package. 

By the time I received it I was so excited that I immediately started playing with it.  Before MotoACTV contacted me I was in the market for a GPS but I couldn't seem to find one that was easy to use and had functions that I would find useful.  I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to setup and navigate through the screens.  I had tried using another brand but I could never get it to do what I wanted, when I wanted.  It is a touch screen so you don't have to remember what button is for which function and how many times you need to press it to get to that function. 

The MotoACTV not only has a GPS function but they took the technology one step further by adding ACCUSENSE sensors.  The combination of the two technologies enable you to track your pace, mileage, elevation, time and calories burned.  There are sports sensors for different activities available so it not just for runners anymore.

Another great feature is the mp3 player.  Yet again they raised the bar with the addition of wireless listening and your watch will track what songs get you pumped! Syncing couldn't be easier.  Create your playlists on your computer using your standard media library, connect the MotoACTV via the USB  and you will automatically be prompted to sync the device.

After each workout you can connect wireless to the training portal where you can review your stats and save your route. There are so many more functions that I could go on but you can read about all of them at

Before I went out on my first run I mapped out and clocked my miles with my Jeep.  The mileage was pretty accurate. I have my device set to tell me what my average pace is for each mile (lap). I like this feature because I can compare my pace to what was going on in that mile (hills, tired, traffic). To this point I was totally in love with the device and had even talked it up to my running partner who ended up buying one. However, I wanted to use all the functions I would be using before I wrote a review so I decided to add a ANT+ heart rate monitor.  This is when I found a chink in the armour.  I could not pair the monitor to the device. I called customer service for assistance.  After over an hour of troubleshooting they gave me the option of returning the device for a new one or they could escalate my call. The representative as very understanding and I felt he did everything possible to help me. I didn't feel that there was anything else to try but there was no way I was going to give my MotoACTV up without exploring every avenue first.  I was told that I would receive a call within 48hrs but the call never came.  I ended up calling them and  that representative wanted to troubleshoot by doing the exact same things so I resigned to sending it back.  As disappointed as I was it took less than a week and I had a new device and I haven't had a problem.

I love my MotoACTV.  I use it whether I am running, walking, hiking, or strength training.  I really like to wear it during races because not only did I PR but I saw this awesome announcement when I reviewed my lap pace log.

Motorola truly thought of everything when designing this device. There are some functions that I haven't used yet like the training coach and mp3 but I know I won't be disappointed.  My recommendation is if you are looking for a new GPS device or just want to experience the best of the best than the MotoACTV is for you!

While I received this device free, the opinions in this blog are mine and are my honest thoughts about MotoACTV.  Motorola did not influence me in any manner.

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