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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Back at it!

When I finished my week of rest after my Half Marathon last month I felt a little lost. My next Half is not until the middle September and the only race on the calendar before that was a 10k at the end of June.  After a couple days of running I lacked motivation and didn't know how many miles I should be running I knew I needed to find a race or anything to work toward.   I was contemplating running in the " Stratton-Faxon Fairfield Road Races Half" before I ran "Run Like a Diva". I didn't want to sign up for another Half before I ran my first.  Makes sense, right?! It didn't take much thought before I was signing up.
Now, I'm back to 6 mile base runs, 3x a week and a weekend long run. This week's long run was 10 miles. Oh yeah! I officially have 2 weeks to train. It's a short time but since I never let my mileage fall it is ok.

I was so excited when I noticed about a month and a half ago that I was getting faster.  A few weeks prior I started a strength training routine. I had read that strength training makes you faster and I did think about that but, as with anything else for me, it didn't hold much weight. After all, a theory is just that a theory......and I'm hard headed.  I need to experience things for myself before I believe it.  Now, I am back running the same mileage but my times are super slow.  Why? Ding, ding, ding!!!! I haven't done any strength work in over a month. I now have the motivation for strength training I didn't have before. Yay!!
I've decided to do yoga on Sundays since my long runs are on Saturday.  Muscles should get a good stretch after runs, especially long runs.  Today I went to Lululemon - Westport.  Every Lululemon store has free community events like yoga.  Check out your local store calendar for more information. This week mine is going to have a running lecture.  Can't wait to get new information.

Today was also cooking day. I made fresh strawberry sauce for the banana "ice cream" I am going to make once the bananas are frozen.  For breakfast this week I baked egg whites, loaded with veggies (basically I used the egg whites to hold the veggies together) .  It is going to be so yummy topped with pico de gallo.  I also picked up a whole watermelon. I hope we eat it all before it goes bad.

It's been a good weekend. Busy with work and domestic chores but that's ok. Next weekend is fun weekend with my boy!

What did you do to be active this weekend?  Do you cook on the weekend for the week ahead?

Next blog we will discuss "Clean Eating". Until then, Happy Running!

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