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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Goshen All - American Weekend & 10k 2012

After last weekend's little mishap I was looking for a motivational boost via PR in my 10k this weekend. Unfortunately that didn't happen and I am ok with it. I was out there trying my best and I finished.  In the end, as I was reminded by some of RHMB members, that is what matters most. 

I was not impressed with the race, the organization, or the lack of runner's etiquette.   I also didn't like that I had to strap a used timing strap on my ankle. Yuck!

The course itself was challenging which was nice. Lots of hills. One thing I found odd is that it started on a hill. :/ They also didn't have a timing pad at the start which made it impossible to get an accurate time (of couse I forgot my GPS watch @ Mom's).  It was a very rural course so they had police at every intersection to make sure traffic was diverted. The water stations were great! They were well staffed and they had lots of kids helping. I love when kids help at races.  There were a few people out cheering but on a hot, difficult course we could have used a few more people encouraging us.  We did get a good laugh at the 2 Pekingese barking their heads off. 

As I mentioned above I had a problem with runner's etiquette.  We need to remember that eventhough police close the roads on a course people live on at some point we are bound to encounter cars.  If we are going to safely share a roadway both drivers and runners alike most follow the rules and respect each others place on that roadway.

After the race David and I got some pool time! Yay! Thanks Cooper Dave, Sue and Travman. It was exactly what I needed.  Cooper is such a funny dog.  He had a blast trying to get the ball away from the boys.

I even got to see my brothers bear. It was a 350+ black bear he shot a while back and he got it stuffed.  He is such a sportsman and I am so proud of him. 
Then it was time to get my wine on.  I bought my Dad a groupon to a local winery for wine tasting.  While the region is not a huge producer of wine grapes, we do have several winerys that make up the Wallkill Valley Wine Trail. I picked this gift because it is right up my Dad's alley. He loves wine.  He makes his own beer as well. We got to try 5 wines. I wasn't surprised when I only enjoyed the Reisling.  I am not a big wine drinker but there is a wine I really enjoy, Green Apple Reisling, but cannot get it around here . We picked the perfect weekend because they had live music. After the tasting we order kalamata olive goat cheese and it was sooo good!

Adult time was over too soon but we had to go home to the kiddies and pick up pizza for dinner.  We topped of the night with some ice cream. Yum! Not much happend after that because when I layed down on the couch I was out! Dead to the world for 10+ hrs.  I don't remember the last time I slept so long.

I'm back at home and it's almost time for bed.  Guess I better go get things ready for the week.  The running club will be meeting tomorrow morning and I am looking forward to getting back on my normal training schedule. Goodnight all!

Happy Running!!!

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