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Monday, July 9, 2012

Man, it's HOT out here!!!!

Image by Sam Weber
If your neck of the woods is anything like mine it is H-O-T!!!! This past week of training has been a struggle.  The heat and humidity makes our bodies work so much harder.  Monday I ran @ 7pm and I could not wait for it to be over.  I took every opportunity to walk or wait for the crosswalk to give me the all clear.  When the run was done I checked my pace. My running buddy and I were so surprised we had run so slowly.  It felt like my heart was going to jump out of my chest the entire run.  We agreed that we would never complain about running in 32 degrees again.  The good news is that according to Runner's World  Magazine athletes who train in heat and humidity perform so much better when racing season rolls around.  That's enough to keep me going! :)
Speaking of racing season. A few weeks back I gave away a free race entry to Allstate Life Insurance 13.1 Marathon® Series race in Boston on FacebookThe awesome organizers have also provided me with an entry into the raceon September 16th .  I am so excited!!  

They are boosting a really awesome course that will take us through East Boston, Revere, & Winthrop with a view of Downtown.  Let's not forget my favorite part of the course...the smell of salty sea air.  We will be running all but 2 miles along the ocean.  There's nothing like it and it is why I have chosen all my Halfs to be running along the ocean.

At each mile marker there will be a "gun time" race clock and an Event Status System that will alert runners to the race conditions concerning weather and other concerns.  This system will enable us to have an enjoyable and safe race experience. 

The benefiting charity is Autism Speaks and you can sign up to be part of their team.  A team is a great way to keep motivated as well as receiving Virtual training from a certified coach.  Your fundrasing will do so much good for such a worthy cause so check it out.

If a Half Marathon is not your cup of tea? They will also be holding a Karhu 5k.   A fun twist of this race is the first 10 runners to "Beat the Karhu Bear" will win a coupon for a free pair of Karhu running shoes.

For more information on the Boston race and other races in the series  click here: Allstate Life Insurance 13.1 Marathon® Series  or find them on Facebook. Don't wait to long to check them out though as the entry fee will be going up on July 13th. I hope to see you there and check back here after the race for a full recap and pics of me with my race bling! 

Happy Running!!!

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